Squids game run



From 31ST JAN to 27TH FEB 2022 – VIRTUAL – Amsterdam Central European Time –

What is the game?
The game is a virtual running challenge where all participants will engage in multiple mini running challenges during a 4-week period participating in 2 separate teams. There will be a scoring system for which runners will play, first as a team and then on their own!
To stay in the game participants must cover as many kms as possible during the challenge period as a team, and multiple extra challenges will be assigned during the 4 weeks: these must be performed in the 48h from notification and will be rewarded with + or – points resulting in the gradual elimination of the participants. After the third week one team is eliminated and after this the participants compete against all others until everyone is eliminated but one!

What are the costs?
We are asking each participant to donate at least 10 EUR to Stichting Marelebohile – Roparun Team 120 Marelebohile. Your donation is used to sponsor our team so we can support the foundation Stichting Roparun through our activities. Regrettably, if you want to make a payment from outside the SEPA EU payment area, we must charge an extra 12 EUR to cover transaction costs, we will provide you with more information after you’ve registered.

How do I take part?
Please register through the form below, we will e-mail you instructions on how to make your donation; once the donation is received, we will send you further information about the event.
Limited places available for the first edition full= full!
You will be notified by e-mail if you are able to take part in the first edition! Payments must be received before 28th January 2022.

How do we use strava?
You need to be registered on Strava to participate and have your profile on < everyone> so we can see your kms on the leaderboard. We track kms only, so please change your settings. For practical reasons we can only track kms from Monday 00:01 until Sunday 21:00 CET. We will send further instructions on how to access our group on Strava to participate.

I am with a group of friends and want to make a unique payment for all, can we?
Yes, this is possible. However, please inform us of each participant’s details in the form so we can send the instructions of the game to all, please make the donation amount per participant.

You will receive an automated message after submitting the form. If you by any chance didn’t get this within 24 hrs, please check your spam folder and/or contact us.

Update: The event is finished. IF you have an interset in the event, please let us know via Contact